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MRA TOY RUN 2020 Mid-November UPDATE


IMPORTANT MRA TOY RUN UPDATE – November 10th 2020.


Firstly, MRA South would like to thank everyone that has jumped in early and purchased a ticket, we’ve been absolutely stunned and delighted at the support that everyone has shown to allow this years event to proceed under the most challenging of conditions, we have been humbled by your response and it has shown us that all of our hard work to date has been worthwhile, for those that have already purchased your tickets, you made this possible and we thank you very much!

We are very proud to announce that as of 7pm tonight we’ve met our forecasted revenue goal to cover the costs of the Toy Run and that surplus from the remaining ticket sales will be donated to the Salvation Army once the Toy Run event has concluded.

As we will need to be ordering the t-shirts prior to the event and we will need a few days to package them up for collection on the day, everyone will need to get their tickets for the 2020 MRA Toy Run by this coming Sunday the 15th of November. The cut off time will be 6:00pm in the evening after which there will be no more orders being taken for the t-shirts and ticket sales will cease, as ticket numbers remaining are limited we would recommend if you haven’t purchased your ticket via our Eventbrite event then please do as quickly as you can to avoid missing out, once the tickets are sold out you’ll have missed your opportunity to take part in this years 41st MRA Toy Run.

Remember, The last chance to secure your ticket and t-shirt closes by 6pm this coming Sunday the 15th of November, if all tickets sell prior to Sunday then the ticket sales will finish as soon as the last ticket is sold, don’t leave it too late – Get in as quickly as you can to avoid missing out on this special 41st MRA Tasmanian Toy Run event.


To purchase your ticket(s) please click the Toy Run banner above or click the link below.



Click here to go to our eventbrite ticket sales


MRA Toy Run 2020

You’ve been asking, we’ve been working hard to organise it under the most challenging conditions.

Tickets are currently on sale via Eventbrite (See link at the bottom of the post or click the banner above) Make sure you get in as quickly as you can to secure a ticket, numbers are limited – tickets will not be available to purchase until 10:00am tomorrow at which time you will be able to access the ticketing option on the event, tickets will cost $35 per person which will include a t-shirt in a size of your choice and a toy run badge, these will be available on the day as a pre-packed item to avoid gathering in close proximity for extended periods of time, as such there will be no sales of merchandise on the day this year, all items will be pre-paid with your ticket.

Please Note, there is a limit of 4 tickets per sale, if you require more than 4 then you will need to perform a second request after the first, Tickets will not be refundable and are not Transferrable, they MUST be completed with the name and contact details for the person they will be for, all tickets will be electronically checked in on the day on entry. No ticket, No Entry. Every attendee will be required to have a ticket, both riders and pillions included.

Some Terms & Conditions as well as ordering info below – please read carefully as we wish to avoid any delays on getting back to you with questions:

Please be sure to complete ALL information requested at time of Ticket sales for Health Regulation mandated COVID Tracking and Tracing Purposes, those that leave information blank or inaccurate will not be permitted to attend, this is non negotiable and is in the interests of public health and safety as part of our COVID-19 Safety Plan, each vehicle will be checked in with the ticket, please either have your phone with the ticket or a printed copy of your ticket available during entry to be scanned by one of our volunteers.

Ticket holders will be advised of the start and end locations through the eventbrite system after their tickets have been successfully purchased, please be sure to check your junk mail boxes for any announcements from MRA South regarding the Toy Run over the coming weeks to ensure you do not miss out on any important updates and announcements, exact details are still being finalised – please bear with us.

As with all Toy Runs past, please follow and comply the directions of all MRA Committee members, volunteers, law enforcement and emergency workers who are directing traffic, there will be a zero tolerance policy of poor or dangerous behaviour, it is in all of our interests that all participants of the Toy Run are kept safe and that the event is incident free.

We will be advising prior to the event and on the day how and where you can drop off your donations to the Salvation Army prior to, during or after the event.

A maximum of 4 tickets can be purchased at any one time, the tickets are per person, If you have a rider and a pillion on one motorcycle two tickets are required, If you wish to purchase more than 4 tickets you will need to create a second order. Please note these tickets are not refundable or transferrable, please ensure all contact information is accurate and correct as it is required for our track and trace requirements.

You agree that Your ticket is not transferable or refundable, any tickets found to be in possession of anyone but the intended participant will be turned away without refund, we will not support on-sold tickets, tickets must be redeemed by the people presented on the ticket.

You agree to bring your ticket(s) to the Toy Run event, those people who do not bring their ticket WILL NOT be allowed to enter or participate.

You agree to allow the MRA volunteers once you have presented your ticket to place a removable identifying sticker on your headlight identifying your bike to traffic control personnel throughout the Toy Run, bikes without the correct sticker or bikes that haven’t been checked in WILL NOT be allowed to entry to the end point of the event.

You also agree that if you are feeling unwell, have a cough, runny nose, sneeze or are running a temperature or present other flu or cold like symptoms that you WILL NOT attend the Toy Run, The well being of all attendees and the community at large is our primary concern.

Look foward to seeing you at the 41st MRA Toy Run event in 2020!

South Motorcycle Riders Association committee.


Click here to go the eventbrite link