Why Join?

The reasons to join the MRA are varied, we hope to provide an avenue for which all aspects of motorcycling in Tasmania can be located, thus providing a service to the community of helping get people connected to new and old riding niches, organisations and groups.

We also need numbers to help us lobby Authorities on issues regarding motorcyclists in Tasmania, Nobody will listen to a single man or women; but with a member base of hundreds already, we hope to push issues crucial to allowing us to ride the way we want. Whether it be for work, fun, simply a tool to get us from A to B, our freedoms are constantly challenged by people who either don’t ride or don’t understand why we ride.

Our Motto is “Let those who ride decide” and we believe fully that motorcyclists need a louder voice

We understand that a lot of you simply wish to ride and stay out of “political stuff”; we offer you the chance to let us speak on your behalf, to stand up for your freedoms so that you can go about your riding the way you want..